Recent UDS Changes and Corrections

Changes to the UDS Data Format

Change Date Item Changed Record Typesort icon Description
05/26/2011 ASCII Data in UDS Records All
  1. UDS records will allow for any ASCII character from 32-255 decimal.  You may reference the following chart for a list of values:
  2. UDS records will not contain any interstitial ASCII control characters (i.e. ASCII chars from 0-31 decimal).  
  3. UDS records will designate it's newline (a/k/a "line break" or "end of line") character as the combination of CR+LF (13+10 decimal or \r+\n or "carriage return" plus "line feed").  
  4. Interstitial newlines in claim notes should be handled by using the "NOTE LINE SEQUENCE NUMBER".  If a newline is discovered within the body of a claim note, the "NOTE LINE SEQUENCE NUMBER" should be incremented by n+1 and a new F Record line should be created.  The "NOTE LINE SEQUENCE NUMBER" is used to retain note formatting and to handle a note that exceeds 1000 characters.  


09/20/2011 UDS B format B

The claimant name in the B record should not be left blank. If the claimant is the Insured then the insured name is entered in the field or whoever it should be if the claimant is not the insured.

09/20/2011 UDS B format B

For the effective, expiration and cancellation date the default value 01/01/1901 works for 800 records as information may not be known at the time. For 815 records information should be available hence no default is allowed.

09/20/2011 UDS B format B

 What do you do when the 815 record has an expiration date with is before the cancellation date. The cancelled policy expired before the order of liquidation was filed for the insolvency. Cancellation date should be the same as the expiration date. The policy ended on the date regardless of the date of the order of liquidation.

11/15/2011 F Record Claimant Number F

 The F Record claimant number will allow a default of "00000" for notes filed at the claim level and a claimant association is not available.

10/18/2011 UDS G format G


Any recoveries or overpayments should be reflected as a negative amount with the proper transactions codes 310, 410 or 820.

05/15/2012 M Record M

 The first field of the M Record is "RECORD TYPE" in order to be consistent with the rest of UDS


07/08/2015 New Coverage Code NA

Homeowner fair rental value code added (635045).