Public Policy & Legislation


Proposed and Enacted Division Statutes

Georgia Division Bill
Oklahoma Division Bill
Illinois Division Bill
Iowa Division Bill
Pennsylvania Division Statute
Rhode Island Run Off Statute
Connecticut Division Statute
Vermont Legacy Insurance Managment Act


State Legislative Agenda

State Legislation on Insolvency Issues


Current Issues

Workers' Compensation Large Deductible Policies – Presentation to the NAIC March 2018
NAIC 2016 Workers' Compensation Large Deductible Study
Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicade & SCHIP Extension Act
Katie School Study...The Role of Large Deductible Policies for PEOs in the Failures of Small Workers' Compensation Insurers



Roger Schmelzer interviewed by AM Best, July 2014
The P&C Guaranty Funds:  How the National System Works Today and the Potential Impact of a Fluid Global Regulatory Environmen
Policyholder Protection in an Age of "Regulatory Fury:" The Double-Barreled Expansion of Insurance Oversight and What it Means for the GF System
Federal & International Insurance Issues-Their Potential Impact on State-Based GF, the Policyholders they Protect & What Comes Next

Issue Backgrounders

Comments on Title Insurance Guaranty Association Exposure Drafts
Guaranty Funds Seek Changes to Meet Needs of the Most Vulnerable Personal Insurance Consumers
NCIGF: On Course to Help Secure the Future for Policyholders
Why Large Deductible Reimbursements Belong To Insurance Guaranty Funds
Guaranty Associations' Approach to Unearned Premium Claims Puts Payment on the Fast Track for Homeowners, Auto Policyholders
Premium Relief Dilutes Fundamental Aim of Guaranty Fund System
Reforming the Goals of Solvency Regulation

Position Papers

NCIGF Recommendations to Deal with Large Deductible & PEO Insolvency Matters
Joint Submission of NOLGHA & NCIGF Regarding NAIC Model Law Working Group's Survey of States' Receivership Laws
NCIGF Testimony Before House Financial Services Subcommittee - Insurance Oversight and Legislative Proposals 11-16-2011 
Joint Submission of NOLGHA & NCIGF Regarding FSB Consultative Document on Developing Effective Resolution Strategies and Plans
Joint Submission of NOLHGA & NCIGF Regarding Application of FSB Key Attributes to Insurers
NCIGF recommendations on Restructuring Mechanism for Troubled Insurance Companies.
NCIGF, NOLHGA Submit Comments to U.S. Treasury on Guaranty Fund System
A Call To Action: Report of the NCIGF Board Task Force on Insolvency Issues
Treasury Review of Regulatory Structure Associated with Financial Institutions

Model Laws

NCIGF Model Guaranty Fund Act
Order NCOIL’s Property & Casualty Guaranty Association Model Act
Guaranty Fund Laws & Law Summaries
Large Deductible Model - Adopted 8-22-2013
Run-Off Transparency Statue - Adopted 8-22-2013
Claims Handling Statute - Adopted 8-22-2013
NCIGF Model Plan of Operation

Large Deductible Legislation Enacted

Missouri Law
California Law
Florida Law
Illinois Law
Michigan Law
Pennsylvania Law
Texas Law
Utah Law
New Jersey Law
West Virginia Law



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