Guaranty Fund Assessment Liability Information

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Assessment Liability Report

The Assessment Liability Report includes - by statutory account of each state guaranty fund - the maximum assessment (capacity), net assessable premium, actual and projected assessment/refund information, lines of business, recoupment provisions, assessment type and procedures.  The NCIGF publishes the Assessment Liability Report - which is compatible with the new assessment reporting guideline SSAP 35R – prior to each quarter-end to assist insurers in estimating their P&C guaranty fund assessment liabilities.  Also included is a “5 year History of Assessments.”

SSAP 35 (Guaranty Fund and Other Assessments):
In October the NAIC’s Statutory Accounting and Principles Working Group approved SSAP 35R - Guaranty Fund and Other Assessments - which adopts the GAAP guidance (with some statutory modifications) for reporting assessment liabilities and coincides with how the majority of guaranty funds make assessments.  Effective January 1, 2011 SSAP 35R fixes the problems expressed over the past nine years by P&C companies attempting to record their assessment liabilities to “ultimate loss expected from the insolvency.”  Under SSAP 35R the liability to be recorded - for prospective-based assessments authorized by the majority of guaranty funds - is what can be reasonably estimated and relates to premium writings for the year preceding the year of assessments.

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Assessment Liability Report - 3rd quarter 2018 - last updated 9/27/2018
5 year History of Assessments - updated 10/25/2018

Assessments and Refunds

This section shows assessments authorized and refunds from inception of the guaranty fund system through 2015.

Assessments and Refunds by Fund - Inception-to-Date (through 2017) - last update 10/25/2018
Assessments and Refunds by Year - Inception-to-Date (through 2017) - last update 10/25/2018

Requests for Guaranty Fund Financial Information that is not included on this webpage

If you would like to request guaranty fund financial information that is not included on this webpage, please complete the NCIGF Request for Guaranty Fund Financial Information Form  (“Request Form”) and submit to Amy Clark, NCIGF V.P. – CFO, at   After receiving the Request Form, she will 1) contact the requesting party to verify the financial information being requested;  2) follow the review and approval procedures noted in the NCIGF Guidelines: Ad-Hoc Guaranty Fund Financial Reporting and New Recurring Financial Reports; and 3) notify the requesting party whether the request was approved and timeline for providing the financial information.